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Can You Put Cleaner In A Steam Mop?

A steam mop is another essential household item in the current age. The working method is similar to the basic mop, but it requires a cleaner to clean the surface. 

So we look for the answer to the question: can you put cleaner in a steam mop or not? The answer is yes, and you can put cleaner in your steam mop.

A steam mop is utterly unlike the regular mop. It uses electricity and the solution to clean surfaces like floor, wooden board, carpets and many more. The solution includes cleaners, such as detergents, bleach, etc. Nonetheless, it is vital to use a liquid cleaner to clean the surface. 

Can You Put Cleaner In A Steam Mop?

Cleaner, which is generally a powder, is totally incompatible with steam mop. It can cause a clog while steaming the solution. 

Mistakes While Using A Steam Mop And Cleaner

Mistakes While Using A Steam Mop And Cleaner

We make plenty of mistakes while using a steam mop with a cleaner or cleaning solution. These generally hamper the steam engine of the mop and lessen the durability. 

Some of the prime mistakes are-

Using The Powder Cleaning Agents

We all use cleaning agents in powder form, and it is less expensive compared to the liquid one. While we make a solution by dissolving the powder cleaner, it dissolves. 

Yet, the blending is not as proper as the liquid solution. We shall experience plenty of tiny powder particles in the pot if we notice them profoundly. 

When we put the powder cleaning agents in the steam mop, tiny particles are likely to stick in the line. Within a certain period, the steam process becomes slow. 

Moreover, the clog plummets the performance to spread the steamed solutions. It also pressurizes the steam machine and eventually breaks it. 

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Use Of Unheated & Overheated Engine

One of the prime mistakes is the use of an unheated steam mop. After plugging the steam mop with the electricity, we start using the steam process to wipe out the surfaces. 

It is not an exact process to apply the steam mop. A steam mop takes time to heat the machine, and the average time is 5 to 10 minutes. Some modern steam mops take 2 to 3 mins to heat the machine adequately, and undoubtedly these are more expensive than the regular steam mop.

Sometimes we also commit the inverse mistake. For example, let the steam mop sit to warm and forget that we plugged the steam mop. It overheats the steam machine. 

When we start applying the steam mop and press the button to start cleaning, the molecules of the liquid agent break down due to overheating. Therefore, we do not perceive the ramifications we expect prior to cleaning. 

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Attaching A Dry Fabric

We often make a great mistake by attaching a dry fabric to our mop head. The fabric becomes damp with the help of steam. It redeems the process of cleaning. Moreover, the cleaner does not set up well on the fabrics. 

So, what you can do in this case is dip the fabric in the water with cleaning agents. Let the fabrics sit in the solution, and after around 5 to 10 minutes twist the fabric so that it dispatches the solution. After that, attach the fabrics with the mop head. 

It is a fact that wet fabric quickly soaks the solution from the steam outlet while releasing the solution water. 

Furthermore, the wet fabric takes less time to get warm compared to dry fabric. It will be beneficial and effective if you use the damp fabric on the steam mop head.

Use Of Incompatible Elements

We have come to know that soap that is in powder form is highly incompatible with steam mopping tools. And many reports say plenty of people use other types of liquid to remove the odor from the surfaces. One of the most used liquids is perfume. 

Some people use perfume or perfume oil with the solutions of the steam mop to make the surfaces free from odor. 

Perfume contains alcohol, and perfume oil is like a general oil. It harms the steam engine while maneuvering the steam mop. Furthermore, you won’t get any odorless surface as a result. 

Nonetheless, you can precisely do one thing: use vinegar or lemon juice. 

If you want to apply vinegar, you have to mix a cup of vinegar with 500 ML water. Later on, put the water in the tank of the steam mop. Applying this solution will spread the acidic reaction of vinegar and remove the unexpected odor from your surfaces.

If you have no allergy to lemon essence, you can collect lemon juice from an average lemon. After that, filter the juice so that the juice gets free from particles that are not liquid. Then make a blend by mixing 500 ML water and lemon juice. Now pour the blended liquid into the steam mop tank and start washing your surfaces. 

This method will not only spread the essence of lemon but will also work as a natural bleach cleaner.

You can also use essential oil with plain water to spread an aroma to your house. Remember, you can merely choose those essential oils which a diffuser can diffuse. 

Use Of General Cleaning Agent On Wood

Another significant mistake is applying the floor cleaning agent on the wood surface. The wood cleaners are far different from floor cleaners. You can use a steam mop on wood but not the same cleaner. 

And, you must select one from a bunch of wood cleaners you can easily find in the market. 


The steam mop is a blessing if you can use it correctly. It shortens the time that a regular mop takes. Moreover, after cleaning the surface, you are not required to wash the whole mop. 

You can dispatch the fabric and wash it. Nonetheless, if you don’t know the proper use of a steam mop, it will break down within a concise duration. Hope you understood how can you put cleaner in a steam mop. 

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