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How To Clean Rowenta Steamer: All You Need To Know

Cleaning a Rowenta steamer isn’t easy, especially with all the variations they have. So, how to clean Rowenta steamer? Well, we have done some research and found some effective ways to clean all Rowenta steamer versions. 

To clean a Rowenta steamer, you need to open it up, pour some cleaner and wash. For someone who never opened a steamer before, these simple steps can be mayhem. But hey, we are here.

Today, let’s see all the possible ways to clean Rowenta steam cleaners. Now you don’t have to follow any unsafe cleaning process for your beloved steamer. Read more below. 

Why Rowenta Steamers Get Dirty?

No matter how expensive you see a Rowenta steamer review to be, dirt and limescale will always accumulate inside. You may also find the Rowenta handheld steamer not steaming properly. When you place tap water inside the tank, a small fraction of the mineral stays behind. Over time, these minerals build up, causing a mess inside.

Whether you have a Rowenta valet clothes steamer, a commercial garment steamer, or a normal handheld one, the reason is always the same. Minerals build up without you even noticing. 

The iron and steamer combo may have little pieces of dirty fabric, which clogs the holes. You may have to bite the bullet for this one. Then again, line scaling can also show up if you don’t wash the steamer regularly. 

How To Clean Rowenta Steamer-Step-by-Step guide

Though Rowenta comes in a lot of variations, the cleaning methods are somewhat similar. Here are the complete steps of cleaning a Rowenta commercial steamer:

Remove the tank and empty it

All Rowenta handheld steamer comes with a removable boiler tank. Generally, the tank has fixing clips which help to lock it. Sometimes you need to detach screws before roughhousing opens. Be careful, or else the tank holder may break. Use a normal screwdriver with matching heads. 

Fill it up with white vinegar/ lemon and water Combo 

Lemon and white vinegar are the two great cleaning agents for all Rowenta garment steamers. Generally, limescale forms inside the steamer, which are pretty hard to break. However, the acidity of white vinegar and lemon juice will react with the limescale, breaking it completely. 

The process won’t take time, and you have to wait about 10 mins. You will need a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to the water to set everything up. 

Put it back and hit start

Now, put the tank right where it belongs. Don’t remove the vinegar and water combo. Keeping everything fixed steady, turn the steamer on. Slowly reach the highest temperature and pressure settings, starting from the minimum to maximum. 

Notice the flow

As the vinegar turns into vapor, the mineral deposit will start to break. Though your Rowenta valet clothes steamer will make a buzzing sound, it will improve after a few minutes. When the flow is maximum, keep the settings and wait for the tank to get empty. 

Note: If you don’t want vinegar vapors all over the room, do the experiment on the yard or an open field. 

Remove the tank and rinse 

After the tank is empty, you need to rinse it with cool water. You can use some detergents as well, but it’s better not to. Make sure you cleaned it perfectly, or else any mineral reserves can act as a seed for a new batch. 

Use the steamer again with normal water

Finally, refill your Rowenta steamer tank with normal or distilled water and start the garment steamer home cleaner. Now hit start and put the temperature pressure combo to the maximum. You have to remove all the vinegar from the system, or else the clothes will smell funny. Repeat the process a second time, and you will have a quick clean steam fabric steamer. 

How to Clean a Rowenta Handheld Steamer

You need to clean it regularly to convert a regular steamer into the best steamer for dress shirts. Cleaning a Rowenta Handheld steamer hardly takes any effort on your part. Even a 12-year-old can open and clean the steamer from the core. Here are the steps you can follow in cleaning any Rowenta handheld steamer,

  • Open the tank of the handheld steamer and fill it up with water.
  • Adjust it back and start the steamer with maximum settings. 
  • If you find an irregular noise, open the tank again and fill it up with 50% vinegar. 
  • Re-adjust the tank and turn the power back on. 
  • Wait for the tank to empty up and check for the sound improvement. 
  • Repeat the process if you don’t notice the sound getting better on the first go. 
  • Finally, wash the steamer with clean water, and you are done.

How to Clean a Rowenta valet standing Clothes Steamer

If you want a fully compact cloth steaming experience, a Rowenta valet is the way to go. This series of quality Rowenta steam cleaners comprises Rowenta Master Valet standing, Compact Valet, and Precision Valet. Here are its cleaning methods:

  • Take out the container tank and fill it up with water. 
  • Now, squeeze some lemon juice or add vinegar to the tank.
  • Put it back in and start the valet steam cleaner in maximum settings. 
  • Empty the tank completely. All the mineral buildup will break, leaving you with a completely cleaned steamer for garments. 
  • Try refilling your Rowenta steam cleaner tank and empty it two times more. Any remaining acid will vaporize away. 

Cleaning and Descaling a Rowenta IXEO Iron and Steamer Combo

Though the Rowenta IXEO iron steamer combo sounds fancy, It still has a boiler and a container tank. Unlike other steam cleaners, an Iron steamer is easy to clean. Usually, fabric clogs up the holes, causing a buzzing sound. You can use normal water and turn the steam on two to three times. 

The cleaning steps are: 

  • Fill the boiler with distilled water.
  • Activate the steamer and water for it to empty up.
  • If your Rowenta IXEO steamer not working, you need to open the screws. 
  • Make sure the iron steamer combo is cooled down first. 
  • In the outlet, clean off any fabric that remains and repeat the second process again.
  • Hopefully, your steamer will work without any hassle. 

How to clean a Rowenta Commercial Steamer

To get your Rowenta commercial steamer cleaned up, you need two things. Some distilled water and white vinegar. First, detach the water tank container and fill it up with a 50/50 water-vinegar ratio. If you don’t have vinegar, you can use any sort of organic acid as well. Lemon juice can be a good option. 

Now, put the tank back in and start the steamer. Turn the steamer on and empty the tank with maximum settings. Repeat this process one more time with only distilled water. The final step is important, or else your commercial garment steamer home machine will output vinegar while using. 

Rowenta Steamer How to Add Water: Rowenta da 55 steamer or others

Adding water to a Rowenta steamer is easy to work. Follow the steps below to add any Rowenta Steamer with water. 

  • Take out the tank from the steamer.
  • Don’t use brute force to open the tank. You will see a trigger button to open it. 
  • Now, fill it with apt. 30 oz of water. The limit will be there in the Rowenta da 55 steamer instructions.
  • Put the tank inside the steamer and turn the steamer on. 

What Water to Use in a Rowenta Steamer?

You can use any type of water in Rowenta Steamer. However, distilled water will churn out better results while cleaning. Distilled water doesn’t have any minerals, so mineral scaling is out of the question. Use about 30-35 oz of water according to the instructions. 

How to Clean Rowenta Steamer Exterior?

You can clean a Rowenta steamer exterior; first, you need a regular clean cloth. Additionally, some rubbing alcohol will do wonders. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Get a clean cloth and pour some rubbing alcohol into it.
  • Now, rub the cloth circularly against the steamer exterior. 
  • Repeat this process a few times, and wallah. You are done. 

Note: If you want to clean the exterior steam outlet, opening the steamer will be your best option. 

How to clean Rowenta Steam Cleaner without vinegar?

If you have a hard time with the vinegar smell, there is an alternative to that too. You can either use baking soda or some lemon juice. The steps are:

  • Bring the tank reservoir out of the Rowenta steamer.
  • Now put 1 to 2 spoons of baking soda or lemon juice into the tank. 
  • Pour 30 oz of water into the tank and seal it up.
  • Re-adjust the tank and turn the steamer on. 
  • Empty the whole thing and repeat a few times to clean off any clogging.


How do you clean the inside of a steamer?

Whether you are trying to know how to clean mineral deposits from steamer inside or just steamer clams, the process is similar. 

1. First, take some vinegar or lemon juice and pour it into the water-filled tank. 
2. Make sure the water to vinegar ratio is 50/50. 
3. Turn the steam on and wait for the water to evaporate. 
4. Now repeat the process with normal water.
5. Your steamer inside will come clean in no time.

How do you clean the inside of a handheld steamer?

Whether it be a handheld steamer or a valet standing one, the process is exactly the same. For a handheld one, start off pouring some lime juice or vinegar into the water tank. Turn the power on to maximum settings and wait for all the water to vaporize. You just cleaned the inside of your handheld steamer without even opening it.

How do you remove limescale from a steamer?

To remove limescale from a steamer, you either use lemon juice or something acidic like vinegar. Just pour it in the tank and steam it out. The acid will dissolve the limescale inside the steamer.

How do you unclog a Rowenta steam iron?

Unclogging a Rowenta steam iron will require you to fill the reservoir with water. Now, you will need a cookie tray and place the Rowenta steam iron on top. Finally, press the steamer to maximum settings and empty the reservoir tank completely. Repeat the process a few times to get a better result.

How do you clean a steamer with baking soda?

If you want to clean a steamer with baking soda, just pour 1-2 teaspoons of it in the steamer tank. The tank should be full too. With the highest settings, you need to steam off all the water inside the tank. Repeat two more times, and wallah. You have cleaned a steamer with baking soda.

End Note

Knowing how to clean Rowenta Steamer isn’t easy, especially when you don’t know how to open the tank. Though the cleaning process of the steamers is the same, opening it isn’t. Sometimes you need to use tools like a screwdriver to get the work done. 

We hope all your problems are cleared out with our help. If you need to know anything else, let us know. Bye for now. Have a good day.

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