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Does Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas-We Answer All Questions

Infestation caused by small mites and fleas is the greatest nightmare for pet owners. Even considering you do not own a pet, fleas infestation can also take place in carpets or other flooring accessories in your house. The infestation causes the spread of germs and it is even more dangerous if your family has babies.

Steam cleaning is a technique to stop the spreading of fleas. The question is does steam cleaning kill fleas. The process of steam cleaning does kill fleas with very good effectiveness. The hot vapor from the machine neutralizes the germs, bacterias, eggs of the fleas completely. Its high temperature totally eliminates the presence of fleas in a certain area.

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Does steam cleaning kill fleas?

?There are lots of different approaches to killing fleas at the home. You can use pesticides or anti-pest chemicals to terminate the fleas. But these procedures are not sustainable or environment friendly at all. The safest and best possible way to control and terminate fleas infestation is the use of the Steam killing Technique.

This steam-killing process effectively terminates the Fleas colony. Besides, it completely neutralizes the unhatched eggs or the larvae of the recently hatched fleas. Hence, you can use the Steam technique to kill or control the overwhelming infestation of the fleas in your house.

Fleas have the ability to lay eggs almost in every corner of the house. The best places for fleas to lay eggs are the dark corners of the furniture, mattresses, carpets, etc. It takes only 2-3 days for the eggs to hatch. 

Moreover, the rapid development process of fleas makes the infestation even worse for the inhabitant of the house. Especially kids, and pets of the house are mostly affected by the fleas infestation.

Fleas eggs require a minimum of 34-40 degrees Celsius of temperature to maintain the metabolism of development and hatching. These eggs cannot sustain in high temperatures. Even the fleas themselves become completely neutralized in high temperatures.

The steam cleaning process is the most effective and safer approach for controlling the best. The basic principle is that the hot vapor from the steam system instantly kills the fleas colony, larva, and eggs.

Steam cleaning can only halt the production of fleas. It can pause the spread and infestation process. But, this process cannot completely terminate or stop the fleas infestation in your house. Because pets are the main source of fleas. The fleas create their colony on the pet’s body. Since you cannot steam clean the pets. You have to make sure your pets are kept clean on a regular basis.

The steam cleaning process is the most convenient way to clean the fleas infestation. It is environmentally and eco-friendly. There is no need to use harmful chemicals and insecticides, or pesticides. The hot vapor from the steam machine does the job quite easily. You can remain completely stress-free.

Should you steam to kill fleas?

You can use the steam cleaning technique to kill fleas. In this section, we shall discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the steam cleaning process to terminate fleas.

Plus points of the steam cleaning procedure

The steam cleaning process is completely eco-friendly. It does not cause harm to any component of the environment such as animals or plants. Unlike the anti-pest chemicals or pesticides, the steam cleaning process is very safe for humans. It does not create any sort of allergies, skin irritation, or respiratory problem.

Its rate of effectiveness is quite higher than that of other fleas controlling procedures. There remains no sign of a single flea in the area where steam cleaning is done. The high temperature of the steam machine has the capability to destroy the fleas, larva, and eggs completely.

Compared to the traditional bucket and mop cleaning system, the steam cleaning procedure is simple and stress-free. It takes much less labor, accessories, and time to complete the cleaning procedure. Moreover, it keeps the target area dry and fresh for maintaining regular usage. Along with the fleas, the steam cleaning process also eliminates mold, mildew, and other dust particles.

Negative Impacts of the steam cleaning process

First of all, the steam cleaning technique loses its effectiveness in the case of very fluffy and big carpets. The high-temperature vapor cannot reach the inner egg laying areas inside the carpet. It becomes tougher to reach some tight corners and spaces while steam cleaning.

Secondly, steam cleaning can only stop the multiplication of fleas for a while. It cannot terminate the main source of fleas infestation. Because fleas mostly originate from the body of the pets. Now, it is not possible to apply the steam cleaning process to pets. Therefore, you have to think of other techniques to keep your pet flea less.

Finally, steam cleaning machines are very expensive. It may not be affordable for all. Besides, it takes up a lot of electricity. As a result, the steam cleaning process can be a reason for high electric bills.

How to get rid of fleas naturally?

In order to get rid of the fleas naturally, you must follow a series of actions.

  • You must maintain a routine for deep cleaning the entire house.
  • Use good, and strong eco-friendly cleaning agents to clean up the carpets, furniture, cushions, mattress, etc.
  • Dry the accessories where fleas attack mostly using the scorching rays of the sun. the UV light from the sun eliminates the fleas to a great extent.
  • Keep your pet clean on a regular basis.
  • Do not let your pet get into dirty spaces more often.


This section explores the most common and general questions regarding the flea cleaning and termination processes.

Can fleas survive carpet cleaning?

Fleas can survive carpet cleaning. It depends upon the intensity of the cleaning process you are using and the size of the carpet. The fleas make colonies in the tight spots and corners of the carpet. If you fail to reach the colonizing area of the fleas while cleaning. Then there is a possibility that the fleas will survive the cleaning process.

Considering you are using the steam cleaning process. Then you have to focus the steam in a certain place of the carpet for at least 3 seconds. The reckless cleaning process won’t be fruitful.

What kills fleas in carpet naturally?

If you are willing to clean the carpets for eliminating the fleas then baking soda, salt, and vinegar can be used. These products have the natural ability to drive away from the fleas even kill them. But the process is very slow and time-consuming. You must treat the carpet with salt, baking soda, or white vinegar solution regularly for about 2-3 months.

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas on the carpet?

The fastest and safest way to get rid of fleas from the carpet is the steam cleaning process. The very high temperature of the vapor from the steam machine terminates the larva, eggs, and fleas in just a blink of an eye.

Does vacuuming make fleas worse?

The sound, movement, and vibrational frequency from the vacuum cleaner activate the fleas and scare them from the target area. It makes the flea cleaning process harder. You cannot apply pesticides in the target areas. Because the fleas would have already left the place and made colonies in some other places.

Can fleas crawl out vacuum?

It is a very rare case that fleas crawl out from the vacuum. The strong air current, bushes, and the internal surface of the vacuum cleaner successfully kill the fleas. Using the vacuum cleaner fleas infestation can be stopped very quickly.


Fleas infestation has become a daily problem with homeowners with pets in their houses. It is important to know the best possible way to clear up the fleas and their eggs. Because these bugs are quite harmful to humans and pets as well.

For using the steam cleaning process, it is imperative to know if steam cleaning kills fleas effectively. Apparently, it has been found that steam cleaning is the most effective and easy way to terminate fleas. Because it can kill fleas at a very high rate.

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