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How Long Can A Wasp Live In A Vacuum? – know The Secret

Have wasps inside your vacuum cleaner? Don’t worry, this problem is faced by a large number of people every day and it has a proper solution. Wasps usually get stuck inside the garbage bag or canister. So, how long can a wasp live in a vacuum?

As long as they get pure air, water, and food, they survive. It’s possible for wasps to spend more than a whole week even without water or food. If they have all their essentials, they can easily pass a month inside the vacuum cleaner. Without pure air, wasps can’t survive like other insects inside the vacuum. 

However, here you’ll know detailed directions on vacuuming wasps safely. Along with this, our pro tips on how to get rid of wisps may help you in the future. 

How long can a wasp live in a vacuum?

So, how long can a wasp live in a vacuum? There are some factors to determine the interval. Let’s check them and know the exact living duration of a wisp in a vacuum. 

With water only

Wasps can survive up to a week with water only in a vacuum. Generally, wasps can’t survive more than two days without food but it’s different for strong wasps. Strong wasps can survive around two weeks with water only. An insufficient amount of daily water decreases their surviving duration. 

With water and food

If there is both water and food, any wasp can live up to 10 days easily. Generally, wasps can survive around 30 days with water and food. Some wasps can survive a few more days but not closer to an extra month. 

Only the presence of air

In case there is no water and food, then it’s impossible for wasps to survive more than a week. A few strong wasps are capable of surviving for 10 days but that’s the deadline. Only air isn’t sufficient for wasps to live. 

No air or water or food

What if you put a bee or mosquito inside a closed jar? For sure, it’ll suffocate for a few seconds and then, it’ll die. The same goes for wasps. Wasps can’t survive a week nicely without water, let alone air. The wasp without food, water, and air will die inside the vacuum after a while. 

Is it Safe to Vacuum a Wasp?

You need to think twice before vacuuming wasps. Wasps can be vacuumed by a regular vacuum cleaner with maximum suction power. If you’re intended to kill them, then that’s not the best move. Better, go with pesticides or relevant medicines. 

Vacuuming wasps is dangerous for your vacuum cleaner as its performance can decrease as well as stop. The vacuum tube may be jammed if it’s a huge number of wasps. Besides, creating any malfunction is possible in case you vacuum a wasp. 

How to vacuum wasp safely

Vacuuming wasps safely is possible by following some strict steps. Let’s check how to vacuum a wasp safely. 

Step:1- Get prepared with everything

Wearing appropriate clothes and gathering safety materials is the first move to start a war against wasps. They can bite you and so, there is no compromise with safety. Wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts first. Then, wear boots for gardening, gloves, and safety goggles. 

Step:2- Prepare the vacuum

Prepare the vacuum with crevice tool attachment now. Check if the vacuum is working perfectly by increasing and decreasing its suction power. Attach disposable bags with the vacuum precisely unless you want to lose the grabbed wasps. Never use a faulty power outlet in this operation unless you’re using a cordless vacuum cleaner. 

Step:3- Start by wasp nest drenching

You’ll find insecticide in the market, specially produced for wasps. Collect it and make the solution in a spray bottle. Then, spray the solution and start drenching the wasp nest. If the wasp nest is spread over a large area, you can divide the area into small segments. 

Step:4- Go for nest dusting 

To kill the large wasp colony, you can use the nest dusting method for better output. That’s all about using the powder version of the wasp insecticide. Using this method requires a long time to kill the wasp colony. But, it’s 100% effective and will kill better than the insecticide solution. 

Step:5- Try wasp trap DIY

Why don’t you create a wasp trap DIY? There will be a lot of videos on YouTube to follow the procedures. This method isn’t as effective as the aforementioned methods but it’s an environment-friendly method.

Step:6- Vacuum residue wasps and the dead

The last move is collecting the dead wasps from their colony using a vacuum cleaner. In case there is any living wasp, your vacuum can grab it. It’ll be collected into the garbage bag and can be extracted anywhere you want. Or, using the maximum suction power takes the wasp inside and they get hit with the wall of vacuum. Most of the time, this action makes the wasp dead. However, you can start vacuuming without trying the previous steps. That’ll cost you a lot of time and a waste of energy.

How to get rid of wasps safely?

Vacuuming isn’t the best solution for getting rid of wasps. You need to apply insecticides to destroy their colony and get rid of them. 

Step:1- Getting prepared with safety materials

Wasps can bite anywhere on your body and so, decorate yourself with protective equipment. If possible, make all the parts of your body protective. Also, observe the location of the wasp nest in case you’re not risking neighbors. 

Step:2- Use boiled water

Boiled water has always been a great pick to eradicate wasps from their colony. The process is pretty simple: pour a bucket with boiled water and apply it to the wasp nest. The number of buckets depends on the size of the wasp nest. You need to apply the boiled water on the whole nest at the same time. 

Step:3- Go for water and soap

This method is almost similar to the previous step but more effective to bring output. Mix dishwasher soap with mild boiled water. Soap is a great material to bog down the wasps. So, prepare the mixture and apply it to the wasp nest. It’s better than applying the insecticide and cost-free as well. Here, you may also need more than one bucket of the solution depending on the colony size. 


Let’s see some popular questions related to vacuuming wasps safely. 

Does a wasp Die Instantly in a Vacuum?

No, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t kill a wasp instantly. However, the exact answer depends on the suction level of the vacuum cleaner. The bees slam into the walls of the collection container if the suction level is high. In this circumstance, a wasp may die instantly in a vacuum. 

Can a Wasp Escape a Vacuum?

It’s possible that a wasp is surviving in the vacuum day after day. But, it’s rare news that a wasp has escaped from a vacuum. The vacuum creates excessive pressure to force staying wasps inside it. If a wasp can escape somehow, it’ll pass through the vacuum nose to the hole. 

Can Wasps Survive In A Vacuum?

Wasps can survive in a vacuum but not for a very long time. It’s experimented with that they can survive in a vacuum from two days to a month in a vacuum. If there isn’t enough airflow inside the vacuum, then they’ll lead to death slowly. 


Stucken wasp inside a vacuum isn’t a good sign for your vacuum’s longevity. Most importantly, you shouldn’t use a vacuum to wipe out the wasp colony. In case you want to use it, then go for our described methods. So, any more confusion on “How long can a wasp live in a vacuum”?

Hopefully, you understand that the duration depends on several factors. Wasp’s basic needs to live are food, water, and most importantly air. The absence of food or water in the vacuum can be managed by a wasp for some days. But, the absence of air means the end of a wasp’s life. 

Reaching the endpoint, you must have understood what’s the best move to destroy a wasp colony. Using an insecticide is okay but if you’re generous to the environment, go for alternative options.

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