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How To Clean Ceiling Fan With A Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum is a multi-purpose tool that we can barely ignore. The primary work of a vacuum is to absorb the dirt from a surface. Hence, we can also use this to make our ceiling fan dirt-free. 

And, the answer to ‘how to clean a ceiling fan with a vacuum cleaner,’ is our today’s focal point to discuss. 

The cleaning process is relatively straightforward and effective if you can do this correctly. The entire cleaning process covers three steps. Let us explain the total process and the cautions you need to follow while cleaning the ceiling fan with a vacuum cleaner.

Steps To Follow: How To Clean Ceiling Fan With A Vacuum Cleaner?

Steps To Follow How To Clean Ceiling Fan With A Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt sticks to fans a lot since fans run at least half of a day and make a circulation of air and other extremely lightweight particles. We all must clean our ceiling fan at least once in a couple of months. 

Before we start explaining the steps, we must disclose that the best type of vacuum cleaner is the shop VAC. This vacuum can clean both the wet and dry dirt from any surface. Yet, an ordinary vacuum does well. 

Here are the steps you can follow in cleaning your fan efficiently with your vacuum cleaner.

Plug The Vacuum Properly

The first step to follow is to set the vacuum properly. We often experience that we are out of adequate wire. Eventually, reaching the ceiling fan becomes challenging with the shortage of wire. Thus we can’t absorb the dust properly. 

So before we start the cleaning process, we must observe if we are running out of wire or not. You can just purchase wire and attach it to the electrical line if it is. 

Meanwhile, you must cut the fan power off so that no occurrence can happen because water creates a magnetic power in touch with electricity.

Start The Vacuuming Process

After attaching the vacuum to your electricity line, you may start the vacuum process. You must be gentle when you are dealing with the dirt of a fan. Otherwise, the absorbing process can spread the dirt in your room. 

Prior to starting the vacuuming process, check the tank if it has enough space or not. Moreover, it would be best if you chose a powerful vacuum since the dirt of a fan is severely sticky. It can clog the soaking line of the vacuum if the vacuum cleaner is not that powerful. 

Wipe The Blades With A Fabric

After the vacuuming process, you have to use a piece of fabric. Before that, make a solution of water and detergent. After that, dip the fabric in the solution to rest for 5 minutes. Then start wiping out the blades of your fan gently. It will make the blades of your fan clean within a concise while. 

Use A Dry Fabric

After all the processes are done, you must use dry fabrics to wipe out your fan’s blades. It will turn your fan’s blade dry instantly and remove the micro dirt that exists in the liquids of the blades.

Applying A Dust Repellent Spray

After doing all the steps, you must use a dust repellent spray to the entire fan. It cleans the sturdy dust on the surface of your fan. And, after applying, wipe the spray with a wiper.

You can also utilize compressed air while cleaning your fan. It helps to make your fan’s engine compartment dust-free. 

Furthermore, if your fan has light bulbs, you must remove the lights before starting the process. Otherwise, a meager hit on the bulb can break it.

Alternative Way to Clean Your Fan

Other than the vacuum cleaning process, there are plenty of ways to clean your fan. However, the most effective method we are about to note is using simple hacks. And the hacks are-

First, cut the power supply of the electric line. Then, cover all the blades of a fan with old pillow covers. It will immediately prevent the dust from falling off. After that, wipe the blades frequently with both hands. 

It will remove the dirt from the blades and collect those on the pillow covers. After repeatedly doing the same with all the blades, you have to remove the pillow cover. 

After that, make a solution using a cleaning agent. You can use detergent with a bucket of water. Now, dip a piece of fabric into the solution and use the fabric to wipe out the blades. It will remove all the dust and sturdy particles from the blade. 

You can also use glass cleaner to wash the fan’s blade with a wipe or fabric. Using a glass cleaner is ideal because it removes all the dirt easily. Meanwhile, it provides a shiny coat on the surface of the blades.

Now use a dry cloth to wipe the wet particles from the fan’s blade thoroughly. Remember, you must be gentle with this process. Otherwise, you will leave a scratch on the blades. You can also use vinegar-solved water prior to this step.


A fan is an electric device that can cause any type of misbehaving if you don’t cut the power properly. Whether you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your fan or follow a traditional method, you must be careful while cleaning your fan. 

Furthermore, since you are dealing with dust, you must be wearing a mask and protection glasses to make your eyes safe. And that is how you can easily clean your ceiling fan with or without a vacuum cleaner.

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