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How To Clean Shark Rotator Vacuum?

Has it been a long time since you didn’t clean your shark rotator vacuum? Now that it is a real crisis moment. And because of that, it is not working correctly, and you don’t know how to clean a shark rotator vacuum.

The steps are straightforward; first, you must disconnect the vacuum from your power outlet to avoid any problem. Empty the dusty cup or canister and clean it. After that, look for any blockage in every section.

Wash the filter and other things and let it air dry for 24 hrs; lastly, pull out the vacuum hose to clean it and reassemble the vacuum. If you want to know the steps in more detail, stay with us.

Details On How To Clean Shark Rotator Vacuum Easily

Now let us dive deeper into the steps of a shark vacuum cleaner.

Signs of Cleaning

Now we are not saints that we will predict when to clean our vacuum in our dreams. But all jokes apart, some signs can help us understand that the vacuum is in dire need of cleaning.

  • The suction power of your vacuum is reducing.
  • While cleaning, the brush is getting tangled.
  • The nasty smell coming from your vacuum
  • Making unusual groggy noise when cleaning
  • Leaving dirt behind even after cleaning.

If you see any of these signs, it is absolute that your vacuum needs cleaning, so without wasting, get in cleaning.

Things Required For Cleaning

Now you are set for cleaning, but before that, you need some things you will need while cleaning. Such as soap, access to sink or basin for washing, scissors, microfiber cloth, soft brush, vinegar and soda, gloves.

Steps To Follow

Finally, the time for cleaning has come. But before following the steps, it would be ideal if you read the manual guide of the vacuum. To have an idea about the parts where each one goes.


Ensure to disconnect the vacuum from the power outlet it is connected to before cleaning. To avoid any dirt, debris, or mess on the hardwood floors, spread a sheet or covering underneath the vacuum.

Emptying Dust Canister/ Dust Cup

To release the dirt canister, press the release button and hold it over your trash can or disposal bag for garbage. Then press the top empty release button to access the dust screen.

By that, you will remove the built-up waste as needed. After all the dust and waste is out, you can clean the canister vacuum or cup with a dry microfiber cloth.

Blockage Checking

If you doubt that there must be some blockage in your vacuum, then take it apart and check each part. Now how will you understand if there is blockage or not?

Well, if your vacuum model is more upgraded, you need to remove the vacuum handle and turn it on and see if there is suction. If you get suction, there is no blockage, but there is a blockage in the handle if there is no suction.

Other than that, if your vacuum is of a stick model, check the wand.

Cleaning Shark Vacuum Filter

After removing the dust canister or cup, the next thing you will find is the filters. Depending upon your vacuum model, the filters you may have can be of foam or felt.

Firstly tap off any loose dirt or waste from the foam filter. Then place the foam filter in the soapy water and clean them thoroughly. Even after the cleaning, they might look stained but don’t worry about the look. What matters is they are clean.

If your filters are made of felt, means felt filter then it is recommended by the shark not to wash; tap the loose dirt and clean it. But if you are determined to wash it, then remember the risk is on you; while washing the felt filter, place it in soapy water like the foam one but make sure not to scrub it very hard; wash them lightly.

Lastly, rinse the soap of the filters, lay those flat, leave them for air dry at least for 24 hours and then place it back in its place.

Brush Head Cleaning

Brush head bears all the difficulties of cleaning. So it is very natural to find dirt like hair, strings, etc. According to the shark model, you may find two types of brush heads.

Duo Clean

Duo Clean has both the bristle brush roll and soft brush front roller. For the bristle, brush roll takes off the cover, and remove any dirt or waste in the bristles. 

And for the soft brush front roller, tap off the dirt, and if you see any dirt behind the brush roll, you can use a dry towel to clean it.

Still, if there is some dirt left that you can remove easily, you use clean water to wash it off. But make sure it is scorched within 24 hours before you put it back.

One Brush Roll

Cleaning the one brush roll is the simplest. First, detach it from the vacuum, then remove any dirt from the bristles. If there is any dirt, hair, or string around the brush roll, you can cut them off using scissors.

Sanitize The Brush

If you want to sanitize your brushes, you use vinegar and water. The mixture helps get rid of any mold or bacteria present in the brush. If you want deeper cleaning, you add baking soda to the mixture. Just make sure that the brush is dried thoroughly.

Shark Vacuum Hose Cleaning

Disconnect the hose from both ends, then check inside and see if there are clogs or obstacles inside or not. If the hose is clogged, you use a broomstick or any stick that can fit the hose to remove the clogs.

Another way is to clean the hose with water. So place the hose in the sink and wash it out properly with the cold water. Then add the mixture of baking soda and vinegar inside it.

The mixture will help remove the clogs more efficiently and eliminate any foul smell. After the cleaning, lay it flat and leave it to dry appropriately for at least 12 to 24 hours before reattaching it.


As all the cleaning process is done, it is time to reassemble the vacuum. Reassemble the vacuum carefully, and once it is done, wipe it overall.


How to clean the floor nozzle?

The work is pretty simple and doesn’t need much time either. You put the floor nozzle upside down, then gently tap it, get rid of any loose dirt, and then you use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt. 
Don’t forget to check the lower duct hose attached to the floor nozzle. Detach the hose and inspect to look for any blockages or clogs. And if you find anyone, then clean it the same as the central hose.

Final Words Regarding Vacuum Cleaners of Shark

Hopefully, now your question of yours on how to clean shark rotator vacuum has been answered. We have briefly explained the steps you need to follow to clean shark vacuum. But if you want the vacuum to last for a long time, you will also need to take care of it.

Like from time to time, check the vacuum to see if there is any damage or not. Look for blockage and dirt inside the vacuum; if there is any, clean appropriately according to the steps we mentioned.

Lastly, read the manual guide provided with vacuum to understand where the parts need to be. If you keep these pointers and steps in mind, cleaning and maintaining your vacuum will be easy.

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