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How To Clean Stain Brush In 6 Effective Ways

No matter how good you are with your stain brush, it would be best if you cleaned it regularly. Good stain brushes cost you some money, but if you know how to clean your stain brush, it will make things easier.

One of the basic steps of brush care is that you need to clean it after each use. Once you are done using a stain brush, you need to clear the excess water off the rag. But apart from this, there are other methods to clean stubborn stains and residues from your stain brush. We are here to introduce you to those methods, so keep reading.

6 Effective Ways To Clean Your Stain Brush

You can use many ingredients to clean your stain brush. But we will show you some effective ways to clear the stubborn stain from your brush. So let’s get into it

Cleaning With Vinegar                                                                 

Vinegar is known to be a natural cleanser that can accomplish several types of cleaning projects, count in the stain brush also. Please don’t bother about the smell of Vinegar; once it is dried, you won’t smell it anymore.

Get a cup of warm water and add a tablespoon of white Vinegar. You can also add ½ a spoon of dishwashing soap, though it is not mandatory. Shake it properly and make sure the solution is evenly mixed. Now clean the brush with that mixture and swirl it around until no stain is left. You can also use Vinegar to disinfect the brush.

Cleaning With Paper of tissue

You can also use tissues or paper if the paintbrush was dry when it got the stains. You won’t be having many problems as there won’t be much paint or stains stuck in the bristles.

Once you get a hold of some paper or tissues, shape it like the bristles on your brush. Next, fold the tissue over and over until none is left. It would be better for you if you had a brush-shaped of tissue, with one side thicker than the other one.

After this, wrap the thicker part around your finger and scrub the stains out from your stain brush. You can remove almost any kind of stain from your brush by doing this. If you see the method fails to remove all the stains, try with a new piece of tissue or paper again.

Cleaning With Dish Soap Or Shampoo

Dish soaps or shampoo are great ingredients to use for cleaning stain brushes. First, make a solution of hot water and dish soap or hot water and shampoo, then dip the brush’s bristles into the solution. Keep rubbing the bristles until you see no soap bubbles there.

If you are using hot water, keep in mind that hot water can harm the bristles of the strain brush. So, be very gentle while rubbing the bristles in hot water. Once you are done cleaning, don’t forget to reshape the brush while drying. You can place the brush in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get tangled.

Cleaning With Mineral Spirits

Apart from dish soap, you can also clean a stain brush with mineral spirits. This ingredient works like a gem if you have an oil-based stain on your bristles. Keep in mind that never use hot water while cleaning oil-based stains. You can use an old cloth or a dry rag for this purpose. You can use the rug or cloth again once you are done with the cleaning.

You can also go for water-based solutions to clean oil-based stains. But if you want an effective result, stick with mineral spirits. First, clean the brush with mineral spirits, and then rinse the brush with a rag to clear the excess oil from the brush.

You can dip the brush in a mineral spirit or denatured alcohol solution for better results. You will see your brush clean in no time.

Cleaning With Baby Oil

Another fantastic ingredient you can use to clean a stain brush is bay oil. Baby oil will forcibly push out the paint or stains from the brush; make sure you don’t overdo it. In order to make the cleaning process more effective, you can use warm water, but never use hot water as it will damage and shrink the bristles. Once you are done with baby oil, rinse the brush with soapy water.

Never use too much oil on the bristles; too much oil can break down the bristles. If you have stubborn paint on your brush, baby oil is the answer you need.

Cleaning The Brush With A Toothbrush Or Old Rag

You can simply use an old toothbrush or a rag to remove the stains from the bristles. You can remove any type of paint stuck in the bristles with it. Scrub the brush with a toothbrush or old rag, and then soak the brush under soapy water. Make sure you put the brush in a dry place after cleaning.

How to clean wood stain brush?

To clean a wood-stained brush, get a mineral spirit solution and soak the brush in the solution for 3-5 minutes. Next, scrub off the remaining stains with the help of a wire brush. In the final step, rinse the brush with warm water and store it in a dry place.

Can stains be cleared out of a brush?

Yes, you can clean stains from a brush in many ways. In the basic steps, you can use soap and water. Soak the brush in water, and then add soap. Rub the bristles to make a lather. Next, wash off the brush with clean water and let it dry.

How to remove gel stains from the brush?

First, soak the brush in warm water for a couple of minutes. Then, use an old toothbrush or old rag to use as a scrubber and remove the gel stain off the bristles.


If you want your stain brush to have a longer lifespan, you need to regularly take care of the bristles. Cleaning the brush after every use ensures the brush’s longevity. I hope this article will help you to know about the simple methods and tips to clean your brush without damaging the bristles.

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