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How to Steam Clean Clothes: Best ways possible

Without the right cleaning technique, proper preservation of clothes is just not possible. Your beloved clothes may lose their natural glow with that constant washing. Turns out, steam cleaners can offer a perfect cleaning solution for any clothes. 

Steam cleaning clothes can treat stains, spots, kill odor, and even reduce allergens from clothes. The best part is, all the wrinkles will disappear in a zippy way.

So, how to steam clean clothes and get the most out of it? Well, today, we will talk about just that. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

Why steam clean clothes?

For starters, steam cleaning clothes offer a wide range of benefits like preserving the clothes and removing stains, odor, and so on. It also blasts away wrinkles and detergents from clothes. Here are some benefits of steam cleaning clothes:

  • Improves clothes longevity and helps keep the natural glow.
  • Reduces the need for regular washing.
  • Removes stains, spots, and cloth marks. 
  • Alternative to dry cleaning clothes.
  • Kills odor creating bacteria, germs, and viruses.
  • Blasts away allergens like pollen, dust, and so on.
  • Wrinkle removal from clothes.
  • Safe and detergent-free cleaning.

How to Steam Clean Clothes at Home: Complete guide

Cleaning clothes with a steam cleaner is easy. The only thing you need to do is be careful. Some fabrics like silk or lambswool can be too delicate for steaming. Try keeping the steam settings low for these types of clothes. Now, follow the steps to steam clean clothes with a steamer:

  • Fill the steamer tank with water and start it.
  • You need to make a chamber like a closet so that the steam doesn’t go out.
  • Fill the whole chamber with steam from the steamer. 
  • Hand the clothes inside the chamber.
  • If the clothes have a low resistance to steam, don’t take the steamer nozzle too close.
  • Use indirect contact as much as possible. 
  • For stubborn stains, you can use direct steaming on that area. 

Can you steam clothes instead of washing them?

Steaming clothes save time and all, but they can never replace good old washing. While washing, you use different types of detergents, which clean the fabrics inside out. On the other hand, steaming clothes hardly remove any dirt from the inside of the fabric. It only distorts the dirt and softens stains. 

How To Steam Clean Clothes Iron

Some irons offer a steam cleaning feature to clothes. The steps are given below:

  • First, fill the iron reservoir with water. 
  • Turn on the iron and wait for the water to heat up.
  • Now, place the clothes on an iron table. 
  • Using the steaming feature, steam all the parts of the clothes.

Does steam cleaning clothes remove stains? 

Steam cleaners use superheated steam to distort stains, especially oil-based ones. Stains are generally set deep inside the fabric structure. Turns out, steamers will help spread the stains evenly in the fabric, giving your clothes a stain-free look. 


Does steam cleaning clean clothes?

Steam cleaning clothes kills off germs like bacteria and viruses from clothes. Even the stubborn odor creating germs doesn’t stand a chance. A steam cleaner uses steam directly to fabrics, cleaning them inside out. 

Does steam cleaning clothes remove odor?

Yes. Steam cleaning cloths remove all forms of odor and eliminate it from the roots. At a steam temperature of 100-degree Celsius, no germs can stand a chance. A steam cleaner offers more than 150-degree steam on average. 

How do you steam clothes at home?

To steam clothes at home, you can follow the chamber method or the iron method. In the chamber method, we use a regular steam cleaner and use it as a dry cleaner. On the other hand, the iron method involves using an iron with a steaming feature. 

What fabrics should not be steamed?

You shouldn’t steam the fabrics with a low melting point. Generally, waxed jackets, synthetic fabrics, silk, etc., aren’t suited for hardcore steaming. For them, dry cleaning is the only solution. 

End Note

A steam cleaner is a powerful tool. However, you need to use it wisely. The results won’t be pretty if a person uses a steamer on the wrong fabric like silk, plastic, etc. 

Here we have tried to explain how you can steam clean your clothes in the easiest ways. 

Rule of the thumb, don’t roughhouse at a high steam setting. Start slow and increase the heat gradually. 

This is all for today. If you have any to know about the type of fabric you use, please comment below. 

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