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Can You Use a Garment Steamer To Clean a Mattress

Garment steamers are primarily used in pressing wrinkled clothes. Consequently, you can use this excellent ironing equipment on other tasks, too, such as cleaning your sofa, sanitizing surfaces, and a host of other domestic tasks.

Is it possible to use a garment steamer? Yes, it works like a steam cleaner or carpet steamer.

The garment steamer is ideal for spot cleaning your mattress to remove urine, sweat, and dirt stains.

The garment steamer is highly effective in deep cleaning the mattress. Steam cleaning removes old stains and deodorizes the mattress. However, ensure the mattress is fully dry before putting those blankets and sheets back on your bed. The effective drying duration is 3-4 hours in the sun.

What is a garment steamer?

A garment steamer is a special cleaning equipment that uses steam to penetrate microscopic pores of clothes to destroy allergens, germs, and dirt.

Steam cleaners have internal boilers responsible for heating water to create powerful steam for cleaning purposes. The high temperatures create powerful dry steam that can eliminate viruses, bacteria, grime, and dirt among other contaminants.

How to use a garment steamer to clean your mattress

How to use a garment steamer to clean your mattress

Maybe you are thinking, why should I wet my mattress? Is it harmful to use a garment steamer to clean the mattress?

I understand this may sound like a scary concept, sanitizing your mattress using water. However, you will be amazed to know that steam cleaning is not a new concept because it has been used in the past.

Many revolutionary tools are made possible with technological advances, but using a garment steamer is still common in many households.

1. Remove all the mattress layers.

Remove everything, including the mattress cover, bed sheets, pillows, and blankets, and wash all of them separately on your washing machine.

2. Sprinkle baking soda, essential oil, vinegar, or detergent

These products help curb the unpleasant smell in the mattress. After sprinkling the products, let the mixture rest for about an hour on the mattress. The one hour allows them to soak the smell and stains up.

3. Run your vacuum

Run the vacuum cleaner over the mattress using the brush attachment to remove dead cells, dirt, hairs, and other debris. Use short stroke motion throughout while working slowly to enable the hose to pick the dirt materials.

You can use a hose attachment for vacuuming to control this process perfectly.

4. Spot treat the stains.

If there are visible stains on the mattress, use commercial laundry stain removers to spot treat the areas. The role of stain removers is to break down the stain molecules. Let the process work for 20 minutes, then use a clean damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the stains and cleaning product.

However, ensure you don’t over-saturate the area with your cleaning product or water as it delays the drying process of your mattress.

5. Use the garment steamers.

Make sure your steamer sufficiently heats the water. Fill the water tank of your steam cleaner to the appropriate level, then turn it on to power the motor. The water will start heating up to form steam.

Steam your mattress using long strokes while holding the garment steamer 2-3 inches above the mattress. Ensure you cover the width and length of the mattress thoroughly and evenly.

Most importantly, ensure your mattress is moist but not wet.

6. Steam the sides of your mattress

Flip the mattress around and steam the sides, including the bottom section, thoroughly.

7. Allow the mattress to dry for 3-4 hours.

Open the windows and keep the mattress under the fan to dry effectively. Alternatively, if the sun is shining outside, you can dry it under the sun.

8. Check thoroughly to confirm it’s completely dry.

Thoroughly check your mattress to ensure it has dried evenly and there is no moist area. Even one spot of moisture is enough for mold growth, so ensure it’s scorched.

9. Spread your bedsheets and put the pillows and blankets

Once the mattress is c dry, cover it up with bed covers, bed sheets, and blankets. You are now free to use the mattress again.

Regularly wash the pillows, bed sheets, and bed covers to remove stains, dirt, and curb foul smells from sweats and urine.

Tips on keeping your mattress clean

Tips on keeping your mattress clean

l A clean mattress boosts your health as there are no viruses, harmful bacteria, dirt, or germs that may make you sick lying around. Practice the following to maintain a clean mattress.

l Always use a thick mattress cover or protector all the time to absorb moisture and body oils. You can wash the protector at least once a month.

l Monitor your bedroom humidity levels, to ensure the conditions are not ideal for mold growth. Also, don’t leave damp things on your bed, and always ensure the bedding is dry before spreading them.

l Wash and change your bed sheets, blankets, and pillows regularly. It prevents stains and body sweat from getting into the mattress fabric, causing foul odors.   


Is steam cleaner the only tool for cleaning the mattress?

No. You can use your iron box if it has a steam function. Other equipment includes a steam cleaner, a garment steamer, or a carpet steamer. The equipment should heat your water to at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does steam cleaning kill bed bugs?

Yes, steam cleaning kills bed bugs and bacteria. Steam cleaning is a high-temperature environment that which bacteria and bed bugs cannot survive.  
The steam destroys their eggs, leaving your mattress free of bed bugs. The eggs cannot survive or hatch afterward because the life inside is dead.

Does steam cleaning the mattress remove urine stains?

Yes, but only if you use a high-quality cleaner serving multiple purposes.  First, ensure you sprinkle vinegar or baking soda to deodorize the mattress. Steam cleaning removes urine stains.
However, if the stains are too deep, contact a professional cleaning service to dry clean the mattress for you.

How long does it take the mattress to dry after you steam clean it?

It takes roughly 3-4 hours to completely dry. The idea is to ensure there aren’t any wet spots left that can cause mold, harmful bacteria, or mildew growth. Moisture seeps into the mattress pores damaging it and weakening the fabric.
Improve ventilation by turning on the fan to ensure there is even dryness. Alternatively, you can place your mattress outside under the sun to hasten the drying process.

How often should you steam clean your mattress?

The frequency of cleaning the mattress depends on your bed habits. For instance, if you eat, drink, or have a pet on the bed, steam clean the mattress more often.
Also, if you potty train your child, spill things or have a bed-ridden family member, you need to steam clean often.
However, if you only use the mattress for sleeping, you can steam clean it seasonally to keep it odor-free and fresh.

Can a professional clean a mattress?

Yes, they use advanced equipment and tools. Plus, they steam clean the mattress using a non-toxic process leaving the mattress clean and fresh. Advanced tools include deep cleaning, vacuuming, stain, and odor removal.
Plus, they sanitize the mattress using highly-effective cleaning solutions.
What is the cost of steam cleaning a mattress?
The cost depends on the size, type of mattress, and cleaning method used. If the mattress has bed bugs, the cost goes up.
Roughly it costs $60-200 for general cleaning, but the cost goes up if the mattress has bed bugs.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that garment steamer cleans mattresses and understands how to use the equipment. Steam cleaning your mattress keeps you healthy and makes your bed hygienic. Besides, it increases the mattress lifespan even as you enjoy better sleep quality.

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