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How To Use Steamfast Steamer-Let’s Find Out

Whether it be ceramic or porcelain, dirt is the one thing ruining everything. Fortunately, having the best steam cleaner for shower or home should take care of all that. When it comes to overall house cleaning, Steamfast steamer reviews show it to be unbeatable. So, how to use Steamfast steamer cleaner? 

Turns out, that 20-30% of homemakers find it confusing, after reading the Steamfast steam cleaner manual. Steaming is almost similar to shampooing, but faster and better. With a minimal drying time, steam cleaning stands on the checklist of most professionals. 

Do you want to embrace the best use of Steamfast for your home? We have covered everything you need to get started with Steamfast in the easiest possible way. Keep reading to know the dos and don’ts below.

Is A Steamfast Steam Cleaner Worth Your Time?

Cleaning your beloved home can’t get easier than with super heated steam. Steamfast churns out leading products for effectively removing any stubborn germs, dirt, or stains. Up to 99.9% of germs including, salmonella, E-Coli, and even Staphylococcus shot dead. The reason is, that steam from Steamfast’s powerful steamer penetrates deep into home appliances where soap is ineffective. 

Turns out, a Steamfast portable steamer or a regular one usually heats up within 7-15 mins, so you don’t have to wait too long. Additionally, steaming is highly eco-friendly and doesn’t leave any chemical residue. 

Here are some benefits of using Steamfast steam cleaners, 

  • Can lift stains from furniture, carpets, or any type of fabric
  • Highly eco-friendly and doesn’t need industrial chemicals
  • Cleans pet beds quickly without the need of shampooing
  • Minimal drying time
  • Dissolves waxes and syrups easily for cleaning
  • Keeps fabrics wrinkle-free
  • Cleans and Sanitizes at the same time
  • Low refill time 
  • More service time

How Does A Steamfast Steamer work

How Does A Steamfast Steamer work

Generally speaking, a Steamfast steam cleaner heats up water to its boiling point and throws it towards the dirt. Is the working mechanism so simple? Well, no.

A steam cleaner has a boiler, refill tank, automatic refill, detergent tank, steam vacuum, etc. All have their uses. 

After filling the tank with water, you need to connect the power. Within 7-20 mins, the water is heated up, and a nozzle forces the steam outwards. 

Steamfast steaming machine offers more than just cleaning. It works by cleaning and sanitizing at the same time. The superheated steam loosens the dirt and eliminates any harmful germ there is. The high-heat moisture dries up quickly, leaving a toned finish in the end. 

How To Use Steamfast Steamer? Guide To Success

A Steamfast steam cleaner has multifunctional uses. But, you have to tweak the settings to get picture-perfect results. For tiles, the nozzle should be tightened for maximum pressure. Then again, for sanitizing the pet bed, you need to change an attachment. Let’s dive into how to use Steamfast Steamer for different types of cleaning works.

How To Use Steamfast Steamer Guide To Success

Cleaning Shower Tile And Ceramic Grouts

While cleaning the grouts between tiles and ceramics, the pressure has to be high. You have to adjust a nozzle with maximum GPM settings (Highest pressure). Here are the steps,

  • First, open the tank and fill it with water. 
  • Turn the power on and wait for the boiler to do its magic. 
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until the water is heated completely.
  • Press the steam trigger and use the nozzle on the grout.
  • Rub the nozzle for a while, and wallah. Squeaky clean. 

Using Steamfast Steamer on Kitchen Appliances

In the case of kitchen appliances, grease and grime are common problems. So, you need more heat to dissolve the oil within. The steps of cleaning them are given below,

  • Attach a medium-sized nozzle attachment to the output hose.
  • Now, fill the tank and wait for the water to heat up. 
  • After the heating is done, increase the temperature settings to maximum.
  • Here you need a medium pressure setting and more heat.
  • Use the nozzle and blast your kitchen appliances with the steamer.
  • With a clean cloth, wipe the molten grease and grime.

Note: You can pour some detergent into the tank and get a better kitchen cleaning experience. 

Using Steamfast Steamer on Fabric

Though steamers are now in the cleaning industry, their reach surpasses beyond traditional equipment. The best part is, that you can easily remove stubborn stains from clothes with a click of a trigger. Let’s know the cleaning process,

  • Detach the nozzle attachment from the steamer hose and use a wider version. 
  • Decrease the pressure settings and turn the temperature to 100-degree Celsius.
  • Now, gently rub the nozzle on the stained part. 
  • Using some detergent, clean off the stain.
  • If the stain is stubborn, try increasing the temperature. 

Note: Too much heat can damage the fabric. So, keep the heat low on the first try. Try avoiding synthetic fabrics, as they degrade with heated steam. 

Precautions while Using Steamfast

Precautions while Using Steamfast

Things to avoid steaming

Ever felt the Steamfast steamer not working for a specific item? Unfortunately, using steam for cleaning isn’t always a good idea. Some materials just aren’t built for high-temperature vapor. Here is a list of them,

  • Aged leather items.
  • Burnished or unfinished wood.
  • Water-based paint.
  • Plastic and rubber-based products.
  • Synthetic fabric.
  • Silk fabric. 

There are tons more. So, before you start steam cleaning, make sure whether the material can handle it or not.

Are Steamfast steamers good?

Yes. Steamfast steamers are reliable, effective, and a complete germ killer. If you want protection from dust mites, allergens, germs, or whatever there is, try Steamfast. The best part is, that Steamfast multifunctional steam cleaners offer both good cleaning and sanitizing.

How do I get my steamer to work?

Getting your steamer to work is easy. Just fill the tank with water and connect it with a power supply. If you have a battery power one, make sure the battery has enough power. Now, click the “On” button, and wait for the water to heat up. After you are done, place the hose nozzle near the dirt and clean it up by pressing the steam trigger. 

How do you clean a Steamfast steamer?

To clean a Steamfast Steamer, first, you will need to fill the tank with some detergent. Now, pour some water and close the lid. When you are done, shake the tank for a bit, cleaning the tank in the process. If you want to clean the attachment nozzle, just open the thing up and give it a rinse.

Is steamer better than iron?

Well, it depends. Steamers are often used to clean stubborn stains. Iron, on the other hand, are good for straightening out wrinkles and curves from fabric. Though steamers can do it too, irons are cheaper and more efficient. Both of them are good, but for different purposes.

How close do you hold a steamer?

You can hold a steamer as close as you want, but don’t burn yourself. If you feel the heat, keep the steamer a little back. Then again, for better cleaning, keep a distance between the steamer and the material less than 2-inches.

End Note

Once you know how to use Steamfast steamer, troubleshooting the problems becomes easy as pie. Rule of the thumb, fill the tank first and turn the power on afterward. Make sure whether the nozzle size fits your material or not. 

For tiles, ceramics, and grouts, keep the nozzle attachment as narrow as possible. You can try increasing the pressure and temperature as well. However, soft materials like fabric and place should be cleaned without too much pressure. 

While sanitizing your pet bed, make sure to use maximum heat output and a wider nozzle attachment. So, no more today. If you have any questions, don’t forget to notify us. Have a good day. 

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